Room of Swords

“Room of Swords” masterfully blends science fiction, romance and drama

Room of Swords

Ariel Moore, Lead Writer

Room of Swords is a webcomic that is centered around the main character Gyrus who wakes up in an unknown area and he has to collect 12 swords in order to escape. This may seem like a generic plot line that doesn’t have much depth to it, however, this is an absolute masterpiece that is filled with a great amount of foreshadowing and build-up. Which leads to immaculate twists and turns that completely flow with the course of the story. 

The mystery element of Room of Swords is also a great aspect of the comic. As a reader, you have no idea what is going on and why Gyrus is trapped in this unknown location. Throughout the story you learn the secrets of the world, meet other characters who are in similar yet different situations and face off against unexpected foes. This can be a rather eventful story that has continuous situations that leave you on the edge of your seat, however, there are plenty of sweeter moments to enjoy as well.

We find out about the backstories of the cast and each one is so uniquely specific to each character. In the comic, the characters come from different backgrounds, countries, and different periods in history and their personalities and abilities reflect this. There’s a character from the 60s who’s a hippie that can create illusions using smoke and a character from Ancient Egypt that can foresee the future which involves the mythical beliefs of the time.

Despite being a Sci-fi comic, it has a generous amount of cute, romantic, fluffy moments that aren’t too overbearing, nor lackluster. Romance isn’t normally my cup of tea, however, this comic does a great job of balancing out the action, mystery, and drama, along with the romantic developments of the main character and his love interest. There is also a beautiful balance between all of the relationships, platonic and otherwise, displayed throughout the story. Each relationship gets attention and development without fail. Everything blends together so nicely and although it can get slightly repetitive it is still a great read.