Documenting the Parking Playground

An Exclusive Interview with the Creator of CPHS Parking

Joshua Hedges, Editor-in-Chief

Parking is not usually thought of as a humorous activity, but with high school being the first years many have with driving, this inexperience can often form some unique situations. Inspired by a TikTok of a similar account for another school, CPHS Parking sought to document these oddities found in an otherwise mundane space. 

“I was like, ‘That’s really funny’. And so I sent it to my friend and she’s like ‘someone should do it.’ And so I did it,” CPHS Parking said.

The account started gaining traction around December of 2021, alongside other student parody accounts, to the point where the CPHS Parking followers became the main source of content.

“Initially, I had to take pictures myself, but as it got more popular, people started sending in their own pictures of other people’s [parking] and so they all do the work for me now,” CPHS Parking said, “Back when it was really popular, it was like a couple a day, but now, it’s slowed down to once every couple of days or a couple weeks.”

While accounts like CPHS Parking can be used to demean other students, CPHS Parking thinks these submissions and other guidelines followed help to prevent this.

“I try not to personally include any people in the pictures, rather just their cars and make it really objective, and not try to target anyone specifically, and just have it be in general,” CPHS Parking said, “I think it helps also that I don’t really take the pictures anymore, that at least other people do it. Sometimes they submit their friends to joke around with their friends. I think that it really helps that there’s a lot of people that understand that it’s a big joke.”

Although the more obscure examples tend to get more attention, the most common parking infringements CPHS Parking has seen are cars going over the line.

“I don’t know how it happens that often, but mostly, it’s just people really close to the lines or over the lines. That’s fairly easy.” CPHS Parking said.

Being the account owner, CPHS Parking wants to ensure their vehicle does not end up on their page.

“I have a backup camera, so I’m pretty good. I make sure that I can’t be submitted to my own page, because I think that’d be really embarrassing. I think I’ve ended up once because my friend parked really close to me but that wasn’t my own fault, that was on her.”

For the future of CPHS Parking, the owner plans to pass on the account to someone with a “similar sense of humor and style to me” before graduating. “I have a couple ideas,” CPHS Parking said.

CPHS Parking can be found on Instagram as @cphsparking. Below is a gallery of various posts by CPHS Parking.

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