Beginning Orchestra Wins Gold At ISSMA

Alyssa Torres

The orchestra has an undeniable power to make beautiful music. However, when it comes to winning competitions, it takes a lot more than raw talent. This past weekend, the Beginning Orchestra competed at ISSMA Organizational and won gold. It took a lot of preparation, hard work, motivation, and teamwork to do this. 

“We prepared by running through the music a lot, stopping in places that needed work, and fixing those places that sounded a bit rough. Each section needed to listen to each other and the other sections. Also, we needed to listen to our own section to make sure that we were together and that our bows were going the same direction,” freshman Isabella Valenzuela said.

Being in orchestra at the high school level comes with a lot more responsibilities and expectations. At ISSMA, the orchestra was expected to sight read a piece on the spot. This means that they received a piece and with little preparation time, had to play it. This was a challenge, but through the years of experience they have had, they overcame it.

“It felt very nerve-wracking, but it shows how well you can really feel music and play as a group all together right on the spot. It was cool to be the first people to ever try it. I think it went really well and it showcases how you play as a group,” freshman Kara Vagelatos said.

Overall, the orchestra worked extremely well together. Even though some were nervous or excited, they all came through in the end. This was their first year of making history, but they will continue to make more.

“It was definitely anxiety inducing. It was nerve-wracking as well because I was seeing everyone else so nervous. In the end I was happy though because it was a great outcome,” freshman Ava Hartsch said.