Getting Through the Years

Ariel Moore, Lead Writer

High School can seem overwhelming and tedious; however, it is imperative to not let these years cause more stress than it is worth. 

Varying factors in life can lead a person to believe that school related subjects need to be perfect, when in reality, perfection does not even exist. Peers, parents, social media, and a rare few teachers encourage perfection.

Getting good marks on tests and homework does feel great; however, there comes a time when all of the energy spent getting to that place may be too overwhelming. Good grades are important but so is your mental health. Finding a balance between the two can seem tricky, but it is possible. Regularly socializing and doing other relaxing activities such as reading, walking, and playing games can provide a much needed brain break in order to prepare the mind to continue diligently studying for classes.

Taking breaks are also important as you move through the year. Sometimes a break from the monotony of school can be rewarding. Health, in all aspects, leads to more progress.

Realizing when burnout is approaching is crucial for your success. Throughout these stressful years, days off of school to recuperate can be much needed and go underappreciated. The five day, seven hour school week can be difficult; however, it is manageable. If you are not feeling the best, then give yourself time to get better. Burnout is not worth it, these last seven years of being a student are vital in character growth. 

Your life, your free time and your mental health is more important than ever. Take advantage of this time and enjoy your youth. Do not let the world break your spirit. Rise to the challenge and live a fulfilling life.


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