Cullinary Misfits


A ruben and fries provided by the Culinary Misfits Facebook.

Katie Mahle, Leadwriter

The newest restaurant to come to Crown Point’s square is Culinary Misfits. The interior has a cozy modern feel while adding in some industrial accents. The wait is not usually too long, as they have a multitude of seating options.
As for the food, their appetizers had a good selection. The cheese curds were the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy, having a stretchy cheese pull following along.
Every main dish on the menu sounded delicious, but the ruben was to die for. The bread was not soggy, while the meat was juicy and the cheese was just the right amount. The second you took a bite, the flavors burst into your mouth.
Our party of five got several different dishes. Our sides included the battered fries, which were some of the best fries I have ever tasted. Even eaten as leftovers, they are a great snack. It was also refreshing to eat on a clean table. Cleanliness is a big deal, and the fact that everything looked not only visually appealing but also clean was a big plus.
For dessert, the berry tiramisu was phenomenal, even though it would have tasted great with a lemon cake rather than the pound cake. Regardless, it was moist and the berries added into it was just the right combination with the mascarpone frosting.
Having a family member who is hard of hearing was a bit stressful. It was a little difficult for him to hear because the music was a bit overpowering, but that is the only downside.
Overall this is not only a great place for a date, but a great place to go out with family and friends. 8.5/10


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