A New Perspective

Teachers new and old share their experiences at Crown Point

Grace Cappas and Katie Mahle

Ever since Crown Point High School was founded, it’s been a community full of people from every angle of life. Kids come to school to learn from their teachers, but some of those teachers have their own stories too. Whether it’s a lifelong passion for teaching or taking a chance, our teachers all have their own reasons for being here.

Some of them have been here since they left high school, and some are just entering it for the first time.

 “I taught here when I was in college, and I had a really good experience. I’ve heard a lot of great things about high school so I wanted to be part of that.” said English and Debate teacher Micheal Buck, who has been teaching for seven years overall.

As for other teachers, the school and the community has become more than just that– it’s become a home.

“My wife and I wanted our kids to have the similar experience that my wife did of going to the same school their whole life.  We both went to high school in Crown Point, and I thought it would be a great job to work at Crown Point.” said Math teacher Keith Iddings, who has been working here for 31 years.

“I do think it’s an excellent school, we do do a pretty good job here, and I enjoy all the students and all the people I’ve worked with.”

— Algebra and Geometry teacher - Bruce Sharp

There are many things that set our new and old teachers apart, but many that bring them together, too. Each teacher that has worked at CPHS for 20 plus years said that Crown Point has become like a second home to them.

 “My family is here, my husband is here and so is my family, so this is home.” said English teacher Dana Zurbriggen, who has been working at CPHS for 29 years. 

New teachers from around the county who are just entering are nothing but excited to join our Crown Point family. 2D and AP Art History teacher Jamie Ortiz originally came from Laporte Middle School, teaching there for seven years. So although she is not new to teaching, she’s new to the area and has some first year jitters. 

“I’m not so much nervous about it, more like excited about it because I’ve heard such good things about the school district and kids,” said Ortiz. 

Karen Cox, on the other hand, has been working in the art department at Crown Point for 45 continuous years. Cox mentioned that she believed this job was fate. When she was taking a year off ,after majoring in art and getting her degree, Crown Point High School called with a job offer. She decided to take the interview and she’s worked here ever since.

There are so many classes to take at Crown Point, which means a lot of teachers to teach them. Our school alone has 132, and 15 of those teachers are brand new this year. 

Teachers who have been here for over 20 years have their own purpose and reasons

 to stay and we hope those new teachers find their purpose and reason too.

“I do think it’s an excellent school, we do do a pretty good job here, and I enjoy all the students and all the people I’ve worked with.” said Algebra and Geometry teacher Bruce Sharp.