Athlete of the Week – Kaitlin Flewelling


Isabella Valenzuela

Freshman Kaitlin Flewelling executes the butterfly stroke during a home meet.

Emmy Wake, Sports Editor

Being the new kid on the team is a difficult job in itself. Being the new girl on two teams is even more challenging. However, Kaitlin Flewelling takes on the challenge and soars. Flewelling is the only freshman on the diving team, and has only been diving for a year and a half. Her diving career has an unusual yet interesting origin story.

“I did gymnastics for a long time, so I kinda was like “oh my goodness diving would be cool, it looks fun,” Flewelling said.

Not only was Flewelling in gymnastics growing up, she played soccer as well. 

“I definitely miss [soccer], but I like swimming more. When I started swimming, I knew that that was what I wanted to do in high school,” Flewelling said.

Despite being the only freshman on the diving team and one of few on the swim team, Flewelling loves every minute of it.

“I love [being a freshman on the team]. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s like the best feeling ever,” Flewelling said.

Like many athletes, Flewelling has her favorite parts of being on the team. 

“[My favorite part about being on the team is] definitely the team feeling. Getting up at five in the morning is hard, but when you have a teammate to be there and cheer you on it’s the best,” Flewelling said.