Congratulations Class of 2023

Victoria Blachut, Writer

From Covid quarantine to high school hacking, the Class of 2023 has overcome many hurdles during their years at Crown Point High School

Now, our seniors face their last year of high school – the final stretch before facing the real struggle of college life or starting a professional career.

From the prospect of pursuing physically strenuous jobs to attending a university that burdens the mind academically, our seniors are taking steps toward the next stage of their life.

Please join us in recognizing the many seniors who have committed to the next step of their college or career.

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  • Zachary Hoogewerf

  • Tyler Hudak

  • Trey Blanton

  • Suzie Haddad

  • Olivia Loskoski

  • Mea Sanders

  • Kyra Mallory

  • Jackson Ruess

  • Hailey Lloyd

  • Emily Wake

  • Andrew Holbrook

  • Ali Bajmakovich and Ariana Cornett

  • Alexa Stefanovich

  • AJ Lux

  • Aiden Torres

  • Nyla McGarr

  • Griffin Stuckey

  • Charlotte Annes

  • Seham Ali

  • Nathan Coronado

  • Mikayla Brown

  • Sophia Plumer

  • Riley Grill

  • Michaela Chandler

  • Michael Drohosky

  • Mason Waters

  • Mackenzie Kummelehne

  • Lauryn Bradley

  • Katie Mumaugh

  • Kaili Gross

  • Hannah Flewelling

  • Emmy Wake

  • Eleni Naumoski

  • Aidan Duerig

  • Emily Dill

  • Zac Byers

  • Maya Zabawa

  • Jasmine Haro

  • Donnie Casillas

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