Pro Con: Music in the Halls: Relaxing or Bothersome?


Emmy Wake

Students walk in the halls by The Dog Radio Studio. It is one of the two halls where the Dog Radio is played openly.

Ariel Moore and Grace Cappas

(Grace Cappas) Pro:

Music playing throughout the hallways all day would be such a good idea because everyone likes to hear music that they like. According to NorthShore University, music increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood– it elevates mood.
While it can arguably be distracting, or possibly a song playing that you do not like, it is not like the music would distract you so heavily that you could not walk to class. And even if one does not like the song playing, for every person who does not, another does. The music also would not be playing super loud, just enough so that you could hear it.
At Crown Point High School, we already have music playing in certain hallways, and nobody seems to have a problem with it. Weighing the pros and cons, music playing in all the hallways during passing hours would help relax and elevate the moods of students.


(Ariel Moore) Con:

By having music play throughout the halls it can be beneficial to some students; however, at the same time it is bothersome. The 3,000 students and staff members all have varying taste in music. It is unfair to encroach on their personal time with music that is unfitting to them. Not only this, but because of the nature of schools we would likely have to listen to PG rated music. It is not inherently bad; however, it can be lackluster, and will more than likely not live up to expectations. 

It is easy to say “just listen to your own music” but that becomes harder to enjoy when there is other music playing in the background. The halls are already obscenely loud and adding extra noise would just be too much. Passing period should be a time to enjoy the company of your friends, and music would take away from that experience. Some people may not even want to socialize during passing period, and they may just head straight to class to relax. Imagine heading to class to relax for the six mins allotted by the school system. Instead sitting in peace, you have been forcibly subjected to the music that the school is playing, for six mins. I would go insane listening to the 2010s, Justin Bieber songs that they would likely play. 

Everyone should have the option to tune into music of their choice via earplugs. No one should be forced to listen to “Fireflies” or the equivalent, that should be optional. Being able to listen, or not listen to whatever you please is one of the rare few freedoms students have during the school day. That luxury should not be taken away from students.


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