Tri-State Art Show


Art Field Trip Group led by teachers Lindsay Cox and Jamie Ortiz.

Grace Cappas, Lead Writer

From April 14 – May 14, South Shore Arts is hosting their 49th annual Tri-State Art Show. It offered the Berwanger Scholarship Award for a graduating high school senior to attend classes at any accredited college or university to pursue the study of fine art.  

Students from Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties in Indiana and South Suburban Cook County in Illinois are invited to participate in this annual juried exhibition, which features original artwork created by students in grades six through twelve.

I was inspired to join when my art teacher Ms. Cox gave us the opportunity to submit one of our best art works,” senior Kristen Slade said.

While as many people from each school can apply, each school’s art department can only choose 30 pieces to submit to the show. Then, they will be reviewed by judges, where one senior’s piece will be chosen for the Berwanger Scholarship.

“I really enjoy art and wanted to take myself to the next level by entering my work into a show,” sophomore Joanna Clausing said.

Not only is the show giving young artists opportunities to explore their budding careers, but it also helps them express their emotions and release internal blocks.

“Art helps me express myself without having to speak. I struggle with social anxiety, and I am an introvert, so I express myself this way. It also helps with my mental health, and I can connect with people through it,” sophomore Adrianna Bibbs said.

While the art is on display at the South Shore Arts Center in Munster, the showcase is open to everyone to walk around and observe the art, free of charge.

The piece I submitted, the whole meaning behind it was just trauma, the bigger the cracks on the TVs, the worse the mental state that’s projected on the character. It’s showing that it feels nearly impossible to fix,” senior Gerry Gaoat said.

Every piece is separated into different categories based on the medium used to create it, whether it be oil paints or charcoal pencils. 

I used charcoal pencils to create my piece, and it is a scene from an opera house. I wanted to show the extravagance of the architectural beauty,” Clausing said.

For anyone who wants to be in the show, the only requirement is to be enrolled in any kind of advanced level art class. It is open to all public, private and parochial schools.

Everybody just submits what they think is their best work. And then we as a department kind of figure out what strongly presents us with the best pieces,” art teacher Carrie Quinn said.

South Shore Art Center’s Tri-State Art Show is offering students all around Indiana and Illinois a chance to create their own future, chase their dreams, and provide an emotional outlet for those who need it.

This is important to me because I like to put my emotions in my pieces and show visually how somebody may experience them. Art is an important way to relieve stress and experience what you love,” Slade said.


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