Junior Seamus Malaski Breaks School Record for Longest Shot Put Throw

Rylin Sherron

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Seamus Malaski (11) broke the CPHS school record for the longest shot put throw by a male. He threw a distance of 60 feet seven inches, which far surpassed the previous record. Malaski was confident that he could do it, having thrown 60 feet in practice multiple times. When the time came for the meet, and he succeeded in throwing that distance, an overwhelming amount of relief washed over him.


“I felt relieved that I finally did it. I threw 60 feet a couple of times in practice, so I knew that I could do it, I just hadn’t been able to do it in a meet yet. I was excited and very happy that I was able to break the record and finally throw the distance in my home ring,” Malaski said.


Before starting shot put, Malaski started track being a high jumper and a runner. Later, in his sophomore year, he joined shot put and discus, thinking that it would be easier than running. To his surprise, he enjoyed both activities. 


“I started off as a high jumper and runner my freshman year and became a thrower my sophomore year because I thought it would be easier than running. I found that I got more enjoyment out of throwing the shot put and discus,” Malaski said. 


Malaski’s favorite part about throwing is the environment surrounding it. Making friends and being able to have fun on the track is crucial to the enjoyment of a sport, and shot put meets every expectation. He also enjoys seeing the progress from practicing transferring to meet days.


“[Shot put] is a lot more laid back than the other sports that I’ve played. I have friends that also throw for the team, and it makes the sport way more fun. I also really like seeing the progress from practice showing during meets,” Malaski said.


Malaski thinks that joining the track team is a great opportunity to have. You get to be with your friends, compete, and participate in a school sport. Malaski encourages anyone who is considering joining the team to try it and work hard.


“Honestly, join the track team if you’re considering it. It’s a fun atmosphere where you can often times hang out with your friends more than any other sport. Even so, there is always a time when it is important to lock in and try your best to compete and help the team. It’s the best of both worlds: you get to participate in a school sport while hanging out with and competing with your friends and teammates,” Malaski said.