A New Era

Emmy Wake, Sports Editor

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  • (Left) Freshman Mason Isom sets the ball. Isom is a right-side hitter and a setter for the JV team.

  • (Right) Freshman Jacob Velasquez serves the ball while his teammate, (Left) Freshman Cole Gibbs, prepares for it.

  • Junior Landon Muller serves the ball. Muller is a setter and defensive specialist.

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At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, Crown Point High School announced that they were to have two new sports teams: the girls wrestling team, which we saw in action this past winter, and the boys volleyball team, which is the newest spring sport.
Having both of these teams join our athletics means that this year will go down in history. As junior Gabe Vivo envisions the years to come, he imagines that future students of CPHS will look at the picture of the first CPHS boys volleyball team with adoration and think, “Wow, that was the first boys volleyball team.”
Boys volleyball may just be beginning, but we’d love to see how the rest of the season and coming years will pan out for this sport.


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