Chris Russ

Chris Russ

Graduate, Staff

Truth /trooTH/ noun: the quality or state of being true.

Humans are often complacent walking an Earth void of truth. Musician/producer/rapper Chris Russ defies expectations though and wears his truth as WORD of everything he is and everything he experiences and views in our collective society.

From a childhood rooted in the southside of Chicago to experiencing the transition to adolescence in Northwest Indiana, Russ developed a unique, in-depth POV of the world. Whether expressing his perspective of living in a world void of social justice in his song Bad Karma to repudiating counterfeit people in the song I Am The Wisdom, Russ is undaunted in his truth. The thing about Russ though, is his truth is unlike most expect. Russ´ words are unrefined, untouched, and organic with a ruptured sense of humanity throughout. This is what makes Chris Russ idiosyncratic. Afraid to communicate his sentiments growing up in an intimidating household, Chris relied on music to be his voice. Pulling from inspirations such as Tupac, Hopsin, NWA, and Ice Cube, Russ´ music is replete with influential and authentic lyrics. Russ started creating music in 2016 after he witnessed his cousin making music and was immediately obsessed with self-creation. He unleashed many of his locked away emotions into his new craft. He exudes passion in every element of his art and his emotion beams throughout . His unique and youthful views of our society is what defines him among a slew of other rappers attempting to forge their way through global cacophony. Russ’ first single Bad Karma will be released for digital download on February 28th, 2019. His video is now available here CHRIS RUSS – BAD KARMA VIDEO

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