B-Side Aces

B-Side Aces

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In early 2014, trained musicians Donny Colvin, Kyle Gilson, and Mike O’Brien culminated their musical skill into the rock trio the B-Side Aces. Deriving influences from blues artists such as Junior Kimbrough and Lead Belly and rock bands like Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, and The White Stripes, the B-Side Aces have developed a raw rock tone best described as an unhinged yet well refined garageband. With roots in the Chicagoland area, the band is an up and coming presence in the local music scene and is building a reputable name around their musical prowess.

Having been classically instructed in music throughout their childhood, the three musicians met while playing in the same high school jazz band. With a mutual love and respect for raw rock music, Colvin picked up the bass guitar and took advantage of his naturally wide-ranged singing voice to complement the gritty tone of Gilson’s guitar and the powerful, steady drumming of O’Brien. The B-Side Aces drive on a relentless instrumental rock sound accompanied by provoking lyrics and the enthralling timbre of Colvin’s voice. The band is nothing less than a hard-grooving, jam oriented music ensemble. The B-Side Aces are a refreshing addition to the rock genre and are constantly redefining the boundaries of their sound.

After signing to Crown City Records in the fall of  2015, the band is now in production of their debut release due in March, 2016

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