Becca Michelle

Becca Michelle

Graduate, Staff

Becca Michelle is a neoteric singer-songwriter from Crown Point, Indiana, a small suburban town outside of Chicago. She has performed in numerous shows in and around town over the past few years in addition to becoming well known throughout the region.

Becca’s belting voice is backed by a talented five-piece band that drives her live performance. Her voice easily transitions from a powerful midrange chest voice to a twinkling, melodic soprano head voice.

“When I write I can be as angry or sad as I want. It’s relaxing and empowering to be so honest about my emotions. When I write about how I’m feeling and what I’m going through, it’s with the hope that someone will hear that and be able to relate to it,” Becca said.

Becca is influenced by a wide range of music, taking her inspirations from acts such as Twenty-One Pilots, Frank Hamilton, Sleeping At Last, and Paramore. Becca’s music is most easily described as alt pop while striking a confident, bold tone and musical fearlessness that is nicely balanced by her down to earth stage presence.

Becca was previously in the pop duo Anything Auburn for over a year. However, Becca has returned to her roots as a solo artist and is presently in production of an EP for national release.

For information on future shows and bookings, visit and get Becca’s instant feeds at:

Twitter: @therealbeccam

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