Anything Auburn


Graduate, Staff

Anything Auburn is the indie-pop duo of Becca Olesek and Roman Ruiz, who hail from the small suburban city of Crown Point, Indiana. Their upcoming EP is a euphonic mix of reflective lyrics and alternative-pop melodies. Tracking of the album is currently taking place at Crown City Studios. In particular, two singles from Anything Auburn have been tracked and are close to being mastered.

Becca Olesek is a singer/songwriter, who has a deep-seated passion for performance since the age of three. “My most memorable performance was when I got to open for [Christian artist] Jimmy Needham at his CD release party. It was the first time I was able to sing my music to a completely unknown audience,” Becca said. After developing a breezy acoustic style and writing a significant number of songs, Becca began performing at local churches and open mic nights a year or so before meeting and collaborating with Roman in high school. Roman comes from a long lineage of guitarists. His great-grandfather planted the seed that inspired Roman’s love for music, and since then he has journeyed his way around the local band circuit and music scene. “Music has been an outlet for me especially since I have come from a family of musicians. Ever since my great-grandfather passed down his old beaten-up Kalamazoo guitar, it all just felt natural,” Roman said. Becca and Roman had worked together briefly in the past, making a smooth transition into a simple, more permanent and collaborative endeavor.

Oddly enough, Anything Auburn’s music finds a balance between the two artists styles, in which Roman’s contemporary-punk influenced songwriting forms a bridge with Becca’s quirky, acoustic flair. Together, they create an energetic, dynamic blend, which sonically incorporates the diverse components of both artists. Check out their songs “Countless Nights” and “For Myself”.