Erica Rae

Erica Rae

Graduate, Staff

Erica Rae is a talented young vocal artist who blends the familiar genre of acoustic pop with the laid back and improvisation riffing of R&B. Hailing from the suburban city of Crown Point, Indiana, Rae’s forthcoming debut EP hits iTunes in 2014.

Rae always knew she had a passion for music and singing. She established her devotion for music at the age of nine after a familiar experience for many aspiring performers. “When I was nine, my family and I went to a shopping mall and they had a recording booth where you could perform karaoke in the center of the mall in one of those kiosk booths. They would record you singing and immediately burn it to a CD. So, my parents let me do it and I noticed a crowd of people had gathered around me in the booth, listening to me sing and watching me record. When I stepped out of the booth, these complete strangers were encouraging me to stick with it because they felt I had talent. That experience really stuck to me.”

Rae’s music has been described as a combination of dewy female vocals, tough electronic underpinnings, memorable melodies, and expressive lyrics. Tracking of the album is currently taking place at Crown City Studios. She is now booking for live performances in early 2014.

Rae’s music and lyrics has struck a balance within two different genres and her melodies and lyrics can’t help but leave an impression on you.