A Little Life…

Grace Cappas, Lead Writer

A single man and his three friends, an unspeakable childhood 

trauma, money, fame, love and loss- a big impact, but a little life. In Hanya Yanagihara’s novel A Little Life, we follow our main character Jude St. Francis and his friends throughout the span of a whole lifetime.

This was one of the best and worst books I have ever read. Yanagihara’s writing style is evocative and stunning, making you smile or bringing you to tears. The reality in which she writes her characters is moving yet heartbreaking, and while some of it is dark, it is also the little moments that show what real love and friendship means- being there for each other through the good and the bad.

But be warned– this book is not for everyone. Part of what makes this book touching is its incredible darkness, and it deals with various serious topics and traumas that are not suitable for everyone to read. 

Nonetheless, this book changed me as a person. Reading this I reached new depths and felt heartbreak for characters that felt so real, I would spend hours thinking about it even after I finished reading. 

I can and cannot recommend reading this novel. The writing style and stories were simply beautiful, and it will make you question things and feel emotions in ways you did not know you could feel for imaginary characters.

On another hand, it was incredibly dark, maybe a bit too much, and really was a lot due to its graphic regard to triggering subjects, leaving nothing for the imagination. There were times where I had to put it down, so all I can say is proceed with caution.

No matter what this novel was, good or bad, A Little Life was undeniably one thing– art. It meant everything and nothing at once. It was big, and little.


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